Management - Product Manager


The Product Manager oversees the engineering process and tracks the requirements, features, timeline, and resources of one or more products. Working with operating departments, the Product Manager ensures the timely delivery of a successful product.

Duties + Responsibilities

Work Environment

  • Work on-site, full time, in an office environment in St Louis, MO
  • Report directly to the Vice President of Product
  • Other interactions:
    • Work closely with Directors of Engineering on all aspects of the engineering procedure
    • Help development engineers with product requirement and prototype testing
    • Gather product requirements from marketing

Job Outcomes

  • Oversee the engineering procedure of a product, which includes the timeline, engineering budget, and product cost
  • Coordinate with Directors of Engineering for needed resources
  • Convert product requirements to product features
  • Work with Directors of Engineering to breakdown product engineering challenges into manageable tasks
  • Participate in engineering design and test to ensure the success of a product
  • Authorize cost reduction procedures
  • Estimate the timeline and cost of the end product for a product improvement and new development
  • Evaluate engineer performance and report to the corresponding Director of Engineering

Qualifications + Skills

  • The individual has a thorough knowledge of the engineering process from an idea to a final product in the industry
  • Expert in current innovation management
  • Engineering team management skills, which includes budget, timeline, and people management
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge of all 3 engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical, and software) in the product engineering department
  • Excellent analytical, mathematical, creative problem-solving, and organization skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, negotiation skills
  • Understand business and administrative principles
  • Basic accounting skills

Experience + Education

  • Has experience as an engineer for 3 years
  • 3-year Industrial product development experience
  • Product management experience
  • Engineering team (>6 members) management experience
  • Minimum 4-year University Degree or equivalent level of education; or equivalent combination of education and experience

Please submit resume and cover letter as single pdf to hr@labyrinth-tech.com

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