'THIS' is How We Do It

Through the Labyrinth Process: Think - Hear - Innovate - Supply, we create a continuous system of innovation.


We look around and get a deep understanding of what is happening in industries and then we think about it differently. Our unique analysis and insight help us to find the interconnections that will provide long term opportunities.


We take these insight and deep knowledge about our wide-ranging interconnected customers and vendors letting them communicate to us what pain points and opportunities for improvement are. We hear what they what and will buy.


We use our customers' focused data to innovate and create a solution to solve their issues. Every development needs to have a significant differentiated competitive advantage over the long term and the ability to produce a new scalable product or company.


We then input the solution into our nimble, decentralized entrepreneurial market silos that uses an 80/20 front to back and customer focused process to sell and manufacture products and services that create high quality organic growth while still being capital efficient.

Concept to Product

Developing ideas that are supported by positive long-term macro fundamentals and trends, we use a set of strategies, operational and cultural practices that uses knowledge-based and customer focused innovation to create a product or solution.

We then introduce the solution into one of our Market Silos where we drive operational excellence with a continuous feedback loop to deliver best in class product and service that can deliver solid growth and long-term value for all the stakeholders.

Successful Implementations of T.H.I.S.

Our History

For over three decades, we have been engineering solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our work began in manufacturing and infrastructure projects, where we specialized in engineering solutions for customers in a wide variety of industries.


Labyrinth rebranded its operating group as it began scaling operation. Labyrinth Smart Infrastructure became Xanthon™ to brand the connected technologies offerings. Labyrinth Industrial became Velturis™ to manufacture edge infrastructure solutions.
Labyrinth launched Atropos Composites™ for the design, development, and manufacturing of composite solutions. Prototyping and testing new-material components for Velturis™’ utility and 5G concealment solutions, Atropos Composites™ plans to begin full production in the 3rd Quarter of 2021.


Labyrinth purchased the equipment + facilities and acquired the staff of Ted Stegeman’s legacy fabrication company, as well as merged operations into Labyrinth’s manufacturing company, Labyrinth Industrial. The new facility is being retooled for the manufacturing of concealment towers for 5G deployment.
Labyrinth made its first shipment of the patented 5G concealment solution for Verizon in the St. Louis market.

June, Filed Dual Channel LED Street Light Patents


Labyrinth Technologies™ has completed the development of a new Small Cell Wireless Facility, Streetlight, and Utility Pole Specifications, for the City of St. Louis, Missouri, ushering in a new SMART city era for the municipality. While FCC regulations and state law mandate that small wireless facilities be accommodated using the city lighting system, the city’s existing aging infrastructure simply doesn’t make that possible.

Labyrinth Technologies™ worked closely with municipal officials in St. Louis and representatives of a half a dozen telecommunication companies to develop a design that accommodates the latest advances in smart city technology while also achieving a higher-level design aesthetic demanded by residents and officials alike.

The well-thought out design meets both current needs, as well providing sufficient flexibility to meet future needs. What is most important for taxpayers is that the new poles will be paid for by the telecommunications companies.

Downtown St. Louis Incorporated honored Labyrinth Technologies™ for their leadership in helping make downtown St. Louis safer, smarter and more beautiful as part of Project #LightMySTL by awarding the company the Vince Bommarito Special Merit Award at the group’s annual meeting.

Missy Kelley, the CEO of Downtown St. Louis Inc. presented the award to Stegeman during the group’s annual meeting.The Vince Bommarito Award is named for Vince Bommarito Sr., the legendary owner of Tony’s in downtown St. Louis, one of only nine restaurants in the United States to receive a Mobile 5-star rating (now known as the Forbes Travel Guide).

Bommarito, who passed away earlier this spring, was not only a culinary and hospitality legend, he also founded and led the beautification program for Downtown STL. He was honored with the organization’s Levee Stone award in 1999 and, because of his unrelenting commitment to the betterment of downtown St. Louis, was the organization’s only lifetime board member.

In addition to honoring the company for its leadership with Project #LightMySTL and the successful Market Street Demonstration Project, Downtown St. Louis Inc. announced that is officially moving forward with the $4.6 Million full deployment of Labyrinth Technology™’s lighting system, which is scheduled to commence later this calendar year.

July, Filed (3) Chroma lighting System Patents

Nov., Filed 5G Concealment Solution Patents

Labyrinth launched the Phase One Smart Lighting Deployment in St. Louis. It was the first 500 of a total of 2500 light installation using the patented technologies.


Labyrinth filed (5) more patents for various “SMART City” solutions for power, multi-channel lighting controls, and RF chip designs.

Labyrinth Technologies™ was presented with a Merit Award by the Illumination Engineering Society (IES) for their work with on the Project #LightMySTL Market Street Demonstration Project.

The merit award acknowledges Labyrinth’s innovative control technology that enables the #LightMySTL system to change color on command.The IES Illumination Awards program, which marked their 45th anniversary, recognizes individuals for professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design.Established in 1906, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) is the recognized technical and education authority on illumination.

Labyrinth collaborated with E-Cab of North America for a V2X test using the lighting infrastructure in Downtown St. Louis to communicate vehicle data between moving vehicles. This collaboration demonstrated the use of alternate networks for data transmission.


Downtown St. Louis Inc. has engaged Labyrinth Technologies™ to deploy a state-of-the-art SMART lighting system on Market Street in Downtown St. Louis as part of $400,000 demonstration project as part of Project #LightMySTL.

Project #LightMyStL has been a volunteer, community driven initiative to make downtown St. Louis safer through smart infrastructure. The idea for upgrading the lighting system was first raised by a Cardinals’ executive at a meeting St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay organized in early January 2015 to discuss practical solutions to address crime in downtown St. Louis.

The team led by Labyrinth Technologies™ won the design competition thanks to an innovative system they developed. Civic leaders raised $400,000 to fund the deployment of the SMART infrastructure. The goal of demonstration project is to show proof of concept. If the project is successful, civic leaders intend to raise private donations to complete downtown.

Labyrinth Technologies™ has completed the deployment of a hundred and thirty-five state-of-the-art SMART Infrastructure street lights on Market Street in Downtown St. Louis as part of a $400,000 demonstration project for Project #LightMySTL.

“We are very pleased with how beautifully the system is performing,” said Ted Stegeman, CEO of Labyrinth Technologies™. “We have been anticipating this for such a long time, so it is really gratifying when you help your customer turn their vision into reality.”


After winning the City of St. Louis’ “SMART city” lighting contract with the prototype connected technologies, Ted and his son John Stegeman formed Labyrinth Technologies for the further development of “SMART” City technologies.
Labyrinth filed (2) patents and (4) copyrights for the deployment solutions for “SMART City” device on city lighting infrastructures, and started working on multi-node connection architecture software system.


The company pivoted toward developing and producing specialized patented products with scalability from custom project work. We started a low volume parts manufacturing division to make various products from stainless and alloy materials.


The company evolved more into more specialized fabrications for infrastructure projects solving customers’ issues in energy, water, and transportation sectors. Lasers and other high-tech manufacturing capabilities were to boost production.


After working as a mechanical and electrical engineer and developing numerous patented processes, Ted Stegeman, in 1992, broke out on his own to start a custom metal fabrication company specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom equipment for auto, steel, and mining industries.

Have a Pain Point?

Innovate With Labyrinth.

Our Capabilities

Our talented team of professionals representing diverse skill-sets fuels our capacity to solve our customers problems by engineering innovative technology.We support creative problem-solving with our experienced electrical, mechanical, and software engineering teams. In-house designing, prototyping, and manufacturing turn a concept into a product.

Mechanical, Electrical, Structural Engineering

We have in-house mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering capabilites. Having all these expertises internally allow us to rapidly innovate to keep up with any requirements or design challenges.

Full Stack Software Development

We program every part of our systems. From embedded assembly code, networking code, microservices, web interfaces, and database design. Having full stack capabilites lets us develop complex products easily.

Circuit Design

All our circuits are designed in house for maximum software-hardware integration capabilities.

In-House Prototyping

Utilizing numerous prototyping technologies including 3D printing, laser cutting, breadboard circuit design and others, we can develop proof of concept products quickly before shifting ready products into our manufacturing capabilities.

Complete Fabrication And Manufacturing

In house capabilites for laser cutting, robotic material preparation, welding, machining, injection molding, wire harness preparation, software loading, and final assembly.

In-House Deployment Team

We have trained personnel for deploying devices in the field on city infrastructure. With years of experience, they can adapt to the numerous on site issues that can occur with smart city deployments.

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